No Miracles Needed to 100% Clean Energy with Mark Z. Jacobson (Stanford U., The Solutions Project)

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Since he first struggled with air pollution as a teenager in Los Angeles, Mark Z. Jacobson has committed himself to understanding and solving this issue. And boy, has he succeeded! Today, Mark is a professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the director of the Atmosphere/Energy Program at Stanford University. He has published six books and over 175 peer-reviewed papers.
His research forms the scientific basis of the Green New Deal and many laws and commitments for cities, states and countries to transition to 100 percent renewable electricity and heat generation. 

In Mark’s most recent book, “No Miracles Needed,” he says we still have time to save the planet without resorting to 'miracle' technologies. Not only is there no need for carbon capture, biofuels or nuclear power, but investment in these technologies are sucking up valuable time and money we could be using to scale existing clean energy technology - wind, water and solar. We also discussed one of our favorite challenges to greening the grid, incentives. How is the Inflation Reduction Act incentivizing the development of various forms of energy and “climate tech”? Let’s find out.

Mark Z. Jacobson Full CV
- Has links to Mark's breakthrough research as well as his interview on The David Letterman Show.

Reference at 01:08:32 to organizations that track government subsidies to the fossil fuel industry .
- International Monetary Fund

The Solutions Project

1. Introduction to the World Changing Podcast (00:00-01:19)
- Podcast's purpose: deconstruct projects and products for a decentralized and carbon-free future.
- Host introduction: Greg Robinson, co-founder of Aston and producer.
- Mention of first episode of the second season.
- Guest introduction: Mark Jacobson, professor and director at Stanford University.

2. Greg and Flo Introduce Mark Z. Jacobson
2a. Mark Jacobson's Research on Fossil Fuel Elimination (01:32-05:09)
- Mention of Mark Jacobson's work in 2015 on a mathematically verifiable plan to eliminate fossil fuels.
- Research initially focused on the US and expanded to 139 countries.
- Reference to Mark Jacobson's book, "No Miracles Needed".
2b. Background of Mark Jacobson (03:24-06:30)
- Mark Jacobson's position as a professor and director at Stanford University.
- Publication of books and peer-reviewed papers.
- Involvement in the Solutions Project.
- TED talk and appearance on David Letterman's show.
- Flo discusses her favorite parts of the conversation.

4. Discussion on Climate Change and Finance (06:30-08:37)
- Mention of attending COP28 and roundtable discussion on direct air capture.
- Invitation to discuss topics Mark Jacobson has recently talked about.
- Focus on avoiding explanations of Mark Jacobson's research and papers.

5. Financial Challenges in Transitioning to Renewable Energy (08:42-22:09)
- Exploration of financial challenges in renewable energy transition.
- Emphasis on time constraints and urgency.
- Mention of a guest with expertise in power electronics and transmission lines.

6. Overcoming Barriers and Unlocking Financing (22:09-49:26)
- Addressing the need for solutions to overcome financial barriers.
- Reference to the importance of information and providing cost-benefit analyses.
- Highlighting the necessity of stakeholder engagement and community involvement.

7. Scaling Research and Engaging Stakeholders (49:27-1:14:03)
- Discussion on scaling Mark Jacobson's research across 139 countries.
- Consideration of forming a company or utilizing NGO-style mechanisms for scaling.
- Importance of engaging stakeholders and policymakers to effect change.

8. Conclusion and Call to Action (1:14:03-1:16:24)
- Acknowledgment of the need to target specific listeners and stakeholders.
- Appreciation for the conversation with Mark Jacobson.
- Closing remarks and invitation to follow the World Changing Podcast.

Note: The timestamps provided are approximate and may differ slightly from the actual timing in the transcript.

Creators and Guests

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Greg Robinson
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Flo Lumsden
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No Miracles Needed to 100% Clean Energy with Mark Z. Jacobson (Stanford U., The Solutions Project)
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