Clean Energy Around the Clock Today!? Inventor and Energy Dome CEO Claudio Spadacini on his New Battery

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Born and raised in a small Italian town near the Swiss Alps, Claudio Spadacini learned from an early age that electricity can spark world changing innovation anywhere. Due in large part to their access to hydropower, the first car ever built in Italy came from his small town. In step, Claudio’s first aspiration was to design race cars. While he still loves race cars, Claudio eventually transitioned his passion into engineering and sustainable energy solutions. 

In this episode, Greg and Claudio recount first meeting at COP 28 in Dubai. Claudio shares his journey from the geothermal energy sector to Energy Dome - creating the world’s first CO2 battery. He also explains his perspective on what it takes to be truly innovative in a sector. Yes, this conversation definitely exhilarated Greg and his passion for physics! We hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did.

Chapter 1: Recap and Introduction to the Episode with Greg and Flo (00:38 - 04:33)
Greg and Flo Recap the interview and introduce Energy Dome as a company focused on enabling clean energy production around the clock.
The importance of energy storage for 10-12 hours is highlighted as a key missing piece in the clean energy transition.

Chapter 2: Interview Begins, Meeting Claudio at COP 28 and Energy Dome's Mission (05:02 - 08:56)
Claudio and Greg discuss meeting at COP 28 and sharing insights on clean energy initiatives.
Claudio's background in engineering and his success in founding impactful technology ventures are mentioned.

Chapter 3: Challenges in Geothermal Energy and Energy Dome's Solutions (09:17 - 14:46)
The challenges of geothermal energy as a base load power source are discussed.
Energy Dome's approach to solving these challenges and transitioning into energy storage solutions is explored.

Chapter 4: Entrepreneurial Journey and Innovation Process (15:02 - 20:07)
Claudio talks about the innovation process starting with deep knowledge and challenging the status quo.
The importance of analyzing and synthesizing information to drive innovation is emphasized.

Chapter 5: Energy Dome's Technology and Impact in the Market (22:00 - 27:43)
The discussion shifts to Energy Dome's technology and its ability to maintain efficiency on a weekly basis for energy storage.
Claudio explains the importance of stress-testing the technology and continuing to evaluate its performance in the market.

Chapter 6: Standardization, Business Model, and Finance (31:19 - 43:34)
Standardization challenges in geothermal energy projects are addressed, along with the goal of making Energy Dome's technology temperature independent.
The scalability and financeability of the business model are touched upon, highlighting the need for creating a significant impact in the market.

Chapter 7: Looking Back and Future Outlook (45:06 - 52:57)
Claudio reflects on starting a company in 2007 and the importance of thinking big and being laser-focused on goals.
The conversation ends with a call for strong teams and individuals to drive the transition away from fossil fuels towards cleaner energy solutions.

Claudio Spadacini Bio and Publications:
Claudio holds a Master’s degree from the Polytechnic University of Milan in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in Turbomachinery, Energy Production, and Conversion. Claudio was awarded the Sesini Award as a top graduate student and, during his career, filed 45 patents.
He's the founder and CEO of Energy Dome, a leading long-duration energy storage solutions provider. The company developed the CO2 Battery, a breakthrough technology capable of storing a large quantity of energy cost-effectively and efficiently. Energy Dome’s mission is to unlock renewable energy and make solar and wind power dispatchable 24/7.
An engineer by education, but most importantly, an innovator and entrepreneur by nature and experience, Claudio has founded multiple successful technology ventures in the energy sector, taking them from germinal concepts to tangible market leadership.
Prior to Energy Dome, Claudio founded and led Exergy S.p.A., which, under his guidance, has developed and installed more than 500 MWe of binary geothermal power plants; the critical element of Exergy's success is the innovative radial outflow turbine, patented and developed by Claudio himself.

He also founded Sebigas S.p.A., a company with a portfolio of over 80 plants specializing in designing, constructing and managing biogas plants worldwide. He’s also the co¬founder of Idroelettrica Cavaglio: this company built a hydroelectric power plant that holds the record for drilling the longest tunnel of its kind.

In short, all of Claudio’s new ventures are based on disruptive technologies as he boasts a strong bias toward innovations and extensive knowledge of conventional and renewable energy systems, turbomachinery, and thermodynamic processes. 

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Clean Energy Around the Clock Today!? Inventor and Energy Dome CEO Claudio Spadacini on his New Battery
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